Pharmacovigilance is a set of scientific and practical activities that identify, evaluate, understand, and prevent adverse effects or any other drug-related problems. Oversight of the medicine safety in their use is one of the main directions in the implementation of national policies in all countries.
ATIS Pharma has a team of experienced professionals who are able to fulfill their pharmacovigilance duty 24/7.
The main objects of observation of the pharmacovigilance system are adverse drug reactions and cases of lack of efficacy of drugs in their medical use. Although the use of drugs implies that their therapeutic effect must occur, the side effects may also occur. The latter are due to the pharmacological properties of the active substance of the drug, its components or features of the body's response to drugs usage.
Pharmacovigilance aims to identify the dangers associated with pharmaceutical products and to minimize any harm to patients associated with the medical use of drugs.
The effectiveness and safety of ATIS Pharma and our partners products’ is a top priority for providing patients with quality medicines. If you notice any side effects with the use of ATIS Pharma’s medicine, please notify us as soon as possible.
When applying, you should prepare basic information that will be needed to quickly respond to an adverse event by the team ATIS Pharma:

Sender details (who provides the message):
• Last Name, First Name and Patronymic
• Contact phone number
• E-mail
• Sender classification (patient/patient representative, healthcare professional, etc.)

Patient information:
• Patient code (first letters of last name, first name and patronymic; for example, patient Antonenko Anton Ivanovich, patient code - AAI)
• Date of birth
• Sex
• Treatment status (inpatient, outpatient, self-medication, unknown)
• Important medical information (diagnosis, comorbidities, allergies, pregnancy)
• Description of the case of an adverse reaction
• Description of detected adverse reactions or lack of efficacy
• Information on the suspected medicinal product (name, batch number, place of purchase)
• Information on concomitant medicines that have been used or have been used recently

You can contact us at the following contacts: ATIS Pharma 122 Kozatska Street, office 100, 03022, Kyiv, Ukraine 24/7 or leave a request on the site
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