About ATIS Pharma

ATIS Pharma is about turning ideas into results.

Results that are capable of changing humans' lives for the better.

Our goal is to expand population's access to pharmaceutical products of high quality that have a positive impact on physical and mental health. We achieve this both with selected and trusted products from our partners and with products specifically made via contract manufacturing. In both cases, quality, standard compliance and benefits for consumers are our main guidelines.
ATIS Pharma specializes in medical devices, drugs and dietary supplements. The company operates in European markets, head office is located in Ukraine.

More than 400 THOUSANDS Ukrainian patients were tested on COVID with our products during 2021 year
More than 200 partners
Humanitarian aid worth 2000000 hryvnias was donated from the start of the war

Our advantages

Expertise of work in both pharmaceutical and FMCG markets Our main asset is our team, where everyone is an expert in their field with years of practical experience
Partnership with key market players ATIS Pharma has strong connections with distributors, pharmacy chains, medical institutions, logistics companies, agencies, etc
A dynamic company with a dedicated focus on promoting each category We respond quickly to requests from partners, paying attention to each category and each product
Standard compliance ATIS Pharma has licenses for wholesale trade and import of medicines; we have our own licensed warehouse that meets international standards


ATIS Pharma provides complex solutions for pharmaceutical businesses from scratch as well as solutions for separate stages of our partners’ business

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